Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birth Story!

Sloane Pressley Dawson was born via c-section on March 4, 2009 at 1:31 p.m. She was 4 lbs 14 oz and 18 1/4 inches long.

Long Version- At about 34 1/2 weeks I went into labor and delivery because I hadn't felt Sloane move in more than 5 hours. During monitoring, they noticed her heart rate dropped with contractions and decided to start twice weekly non-stress tests. On Monday March 2nd I went in for my 37 week appointment. Everything seemed to go well; we heard her heart beating and she moved a few times when we tried to get measurements. I hadn't gained any weight in a month but apparently it was not a huge concern. I was at the nurses station checking out when my doc walked out to the counter. She told me at that time that she checked my measurements for the past 3 weeks and nothing had changed. She ordered an immediate ultrasound at the hospital just to make sure things were ok.

Tuesday night Lane and I headed to the hospital for the ultrasound. The tech began taking measurements and we immediately saw that she was measuring behind by about 3 weeks. He measured my bag of water which had dropped from 9.4 that morning at my NST to 7.0. He flipped a switch to check her cord and we immediately saw it was wrapped around her neck several times. The tech said he didn't see anything that was cause for immediate concern, said the doc would follow up the next day and sent us home. I knew something was wrong- Lane reassured me that no matter what, the doc would follow up the next day and that everything would be ok.

Wednesday morning came and we emailed my doctor around 645 in the morning asking her to call us as soon as she got the report. Not more than 15 minutes later we got a call from Dr. Kennedy at the hospital. He informed me that he saw the ultrasound report and that they have decided that Sloane would be safer on the outside then on the inside and to pack our bags and get to the hospital asap. They were going to induce labor.

We checked in around 930 am and met with the doc. They put me on the monitor and Sloane was doing well. We told the doc the reason for NST's and that her heart rate was decelerating with contractions. He said that the cord could have a kink, but that they would induce labor and if she couldn't handle it, they would do an emergency c-section. We knew in our heart that there was no way she could handle an induction. I was monitored for an hour. I didn't have any contractions and was not dilated so doc approved starting the induction. That is when God decided to intervene. Contractions then started coming every 2-4 minutes. Sloane's heart rate dropped every time and then would go back up. The nurse saw what was happening and told me she was not going to start the induction and would wait to see what happens. Smart, smart nurse. It was not more than 5 minutes later when a pretty big contraction came on and Sloane's heart rate dropped so low that we were suddenly surrounded by several doctors and nurses. It was right then that the doc said there was no way he would start and induction and that a c-section would need to be done immediately.

We were wheeled back to the OR when things got started. I was so happy that they didn't have to put me under as I wanted to hear her cry to know that she was ok. Within 3 minutes Sloane arrived with the tiniest cry we had ever heard. That's when the doc came over to show us her cord. He said he couldn't believe it. She had a true knot in her cord at the belly button, it was then wrapped around her neck 3 times. He had never seen a true knot and it was then that they deemed her the "miracle baby." We were told that the chances of a true knot are one in a million; That it apparently only occurs in 1% of all pregnancies and typically results in fetal demise in utero. She survived-and it was likely that the knot occurred 3 weeks prior. They couldn't believe she was alive. She had only received very little nutrients for the past 3 weeks, but all that she did receive went to complete brain development as well as heart and organ function. She is healthy and they have not found one problem with her! Praise the lord!

We were in the hospital for 4 days and she was jaundiced and had to stay under the bili-lights for a night. She beat that within a day and was released home. When we left, she was a mighty 4 lbs 9 oz.

She is the tiniest, sweetest baby girl who is a true fighter. We are so blessed! She had a follow up this morning and is up to 4lbs 11.9 oz! She gained 2 oz in less than 48 hours! Go Sloane! She measured 19 inches long, so we are certain that they had it wrong at the hospital as there is no way she grew 3/4 of an inch in 5 days!

We continue to thank God for our sweet little girl and pray that she will get stronger every day.


Brigid said...

I'm sorry things happened as they did, but glad to hear all turned out OK. Can't wait to meet the little thing - she is so tiny! Hope you all are doing well and adjusting to the addition...so much easier the 2nd time around, right?

Anonymous said...

I am almost crying. What a miracle! I am soooo glad things are okay! How scary for you! I am glad she is here and safe. I cant wait to see pics of your sweet angel baby! Congrats!

Michelle said...

Sloane is a miracle indeed! Thank God for watching out for her! I can't wait to see her beautiful pictures! Congratulations to everyone...welcome to the world sweet baby girl!

Michelle said...

When do we get pictures??? :) :)

rocket.queen. said...

I have tears in my eyes, Nicole! I am so happy that your little girl is alive and well. What a fighter!!! Hunter is going to have his hands full keeping her in line. ;)

(btw this is Jessi from PAL - jessisaurusrarr)