Sunday, February 1, 2009

33 weeks

We are getting close! Just a few more weeks until we are officially on labor watch. I knew this pregnancy was going by fast- but now it just seems like it flew by. My belly is getting bigger everyday but I really don't have any major complaints!

We are slowly starting to get things ready for princess Sloane. We will start getting things out of storage and washed in the next few weeks. We bought her first ballerina outfit and slippers this weekend- it's just too cute!!

Hunter is getting excited to meet his sissy. He tells her he loves her every day- he either says "la you babee" or "la you Soan" It's as cute as can be...our little prince is going to have to share a house with a princess, and well, it will be funny to say the least!

We will try to keep everyone posted as things progress! Only 5 appointments left!

All Our Love,
The Dawsons

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Michelle said...

I was JUST thinking that I was going to go request a belly picture and update from you...and look what I found!!!! :) Hunter is so cute to be so excited about his baby sister! He's just going to be an awesome big brother! And you mama are just as adorable as ever!!!!