Monday, December 22, 2008

3rd Trimester

Merry Christmas from rainy San Diego! Ha! Yes, you heard right..RAIN! We are actually having "winter" weather this December in So Cal. I am just greatful we don't live where the temperature is in the single digits. I like cold weather and am loving every minute of this- but there is a difference between cold and freezing. I'm not into freezing!

We are in our 3rd trimester already! Wowweeeeee! Only 12ish weeks until we meet miss Sloane Pressley! It's amazing to me that we only have 12 weeks to go. I have my 29 week appointment next week and we will get to see this little princess in 4D. Ummm...let's hope she is still a girl! Tee hee!

Overall I am feeling pretty good! I have moments of ickyness but nothing to complain about. She is a little dancer and is moving constantly which I love. Lane is going to be wrapped around her little finger.....

That's our update for now! From our family to yours.... Merry Christmas!


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